TETRA Terminals

The Hytera Tetra terminals can be adapted to any situation and tasks. With the extensive list of accessories available for the terminals.

PT580 Tetra Handset:

The PT580H has a globally patented Industrial design with antenna in the middle position, providing Omni-directional antenna pattern for better coverage performance. Antenna used in PT580H is a patented design which is short in length and having GPS antenna integrated. Rotary knobs separated by antenna and different in size have made volume knob and channel selector knob easy to access.

  • IP 57 Dust & water proof build
  • Build to MIL810 C/D/E/F.
  • Programmable buttons
  • GPS build-in
  • Large Battery 2500MAh extended battery.
  • Alpha numeric keypad, for texting and dialling
  • Short number dialling
  • 3Watt TX power for larger coverage range.
  • Lone worker & Man-down facilities,

Z1p Tetra Handheld:

The Z1p tetra handset is the smallest Tetra terminal in the world and still has the same specifications as the PT580.

  • Aluminium body
  • Titanium Antenna (indestructible)
  • IP 67 Dust & water proof build
  • Build to MIL 810 military specifications.
  • Programmable buttons
  • GPS build-in
  • Alpha numeric keypad, for texting and dialling
  • Short number dialling
  • 3Watt TX power for larger coverage range.
  • Build in Bluetooth

MT680 Vehicle /Base unit:

The large 260K colour transflective TFT LCD enables you to access your desired information with ease even under bright sunlight. User-friendly interface, keypad entry, and powerful speaker (4W) can give you excellent operation and communication experience. MT680 allows you much installation flexibility. The front panel is IP67 compliant, capable of delivering you exceptional performance in various harsh conditions. High transmit power (10W) enables you to reach a further team member.

  • Build to MIL 810 military specifications.
  • Programmable buttons
  • GPS build-in
  • Alpha numeric keypad, for texting and dialling
  • Short number dialling
  • 10 Watt TX power for larger coverage range.
  • Emergency features
  • DMO gateway / repeater

The unit can also be used as a fixed base unit for office use and come with a desktop housing and desktop microphone. The power supply can be backed up by a battery, so the unit will be able to work during periods where no power is available.

The MT680 can also be used to extend the coverage area of the Tetra network. When set to DMO Gateway mode the handhelds that are out of coverage can use the MT680 as a Gateway to the Tetra network. As the MT680 has a bigger coverage area due to the higher power rating and rooftop antenna setup.


Multiple accessories exist to enhance the performance of the DIA operations.

Body Worn Camera(BWC)

The Body Worn Camera records all voice, video and GPS data, and can then be analysed when back at base. This acts as a remote supervisor and reporting tool for the officer on duty. Once back at base the recorded information can be used as analysing and training tools for future operations. The information can be stored on a central server to be able to have historic log of activities.

  • Body Worn Camera BWC with external speaker/microphone
    1. with build in video and voice recording facilities. This records all voice and video, and can then be downloaded and analysed when back at base.
      GPS logging
      3G/4G data transmission for live video transmission

Other Audio accessories

  • Noise cancelling Headsets.
  • Bluetooth earphone and microphone
  • Wired hidden ear-set set and microphones
  • Carrying bags

PTT Connect

Comprehensive functions packed into the user-friendly smartphone application PTTconnect – this is the future of professional mobile radio from Hytera. This app can be used on Android™ devices and enables you to merge your Hytera TETRA radio system with the application-rich world of mobile broadband networks, such as 3G HSDPA or 4G LTE™.

The app PTTconnect from Hytera offers the opportunity to expand voice and data communication beyond the physical limits of your TETRA system. PTTconnect expands your radio coverage via a gateway by using broadband networks for your communication. The fusion of your existing ACCESSNET®-T IP TETRA radio system with the broadband world offers a new, almost unlimited possibilities to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Unlimited possibilities for your radio coverage
By using public UMTS and LTE™ networks or even Wi-Fi, you are able to communicate with your colleague’s way beyond the range of your TETRA radio network. All you need is a broadband data connection between your smartphone with the app installed and the Hytera connect server, which connects the TETRA radio system to public networks.

Secure communication
Both PTTconnect and the gateway to the TETRA radio system are interception-proof. Secure communication between subscribers in both mobile radio worlds is therefore ensured.

Immediate, direct communication
When you communicate with TETRA radio subscribers, PTTconnect establishes a direct connection to the services of the TETRA system. Features with which you are familiar from your TETRA radio system are supported by the app and therefore available on your smartphone.

User-friendly and easy to operate The Hytera connect server is administered via a browser-based web interface. The app is easy to use and has a particularly user-friendly design. PTTconnect can be used on Android® devices and ensures seamless integration into your mission-critical work environment.