Integrated control and Command Solution (ICCS)


The 21st century has proven to be an era of information and technology revolution with the rapid development of cities in Nigeria. In recent years, there have been frequent occurrences of sophisticated robberies, financial crimes, and terrorism, thereby making security in Nigeria more expensive, complex, and difficult to afford and manage. For this reason, BRISCOE Technologies proposes the Hytera Integrated Control and Command Solution (ICCS) as the perfect solution to nagging questions on how to ensure the safety of the President, the Governors, and the Senior Government officials.

Hytera ICC Solution Function

Hytera’s ICC System unifies communications (including PSTN, current radio systems and Tetra Radio system), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) technology, CCTV surveillance, video processing, GIS, providing fast and efficient responses to security issues.

Emergency call taking/handling, database operation, incident form completion, process flow and other operations are unified in the ICC solution. Daily incidents and important reports on work progress in various DSS Divisions/sectors are synchronized to authorized officers in the ICC centre at the HQ control room. All emergency calls are taken and handled in the ICC centre; Task-Handling Order is distributed to the concerned departments; in cases of emergency, information is distributed among concerned departments of the DSS, which when linked together, provides faster response to those emergency security cases.

Operator Digital Workstation (DWS)

The Hytera ICCS has a digital dispatch system featuring plug-in design and providing remote dispatch and management capabilities. It is appropriate for industries and sectors such as manufacturing, energy, public security, transport, finance, water conservancy, social work Page 12 of 25 Communication Solution and military. Via the Digital workstation, the urgent notice and command can be sent quickly and effectively to the target, whose status is displayed in the DWS.

Dispatchers are important components of the communications system. They are required to control and handle the mobile subscribers and their communication in the network. The dispatcher of the TETRA communication system features all the functions for efficient subscriber handling.

Dispatcher can be used as a logistics and control centre to manage and control radio subscribers; they serve as an alarm control unit for monitoring alarm functions.

The dispatcher administrates all the data in respect of the assignment of fleets, groups and radio subscribers in the TETRA network and simplifies the management of the subscriber communication.

The optional "AVL" (Automatic Vehicle Location) module permits the central administration of position data of fleets and subscribers that are equipped with the corresponding mobile stations. The location data are graphically displayed on maps and enable a precise positioning and management.

Voice & Data Recorder

Hytera Digital Voice Recording System (“DVRS”) is an IP-based professional digital audio recording system, providing reliable and cost-effective digital voice recording, storage and playback services. It comprises the Record Server, Database Server, Web Server, Search & Playback Terminal (“SPT”) and Storage Array.

Benefiting from browser/server architecture, DVRS enables you to use a Web browser to rapidly retrieve, download, and replay recordings from your desktop computer. Its rich functions such as user management and recording scheme customization would bring you flexible and pragmatic experiences. Figure 3: Voice Recorder Figure 2: Operator workstation Page 13 of 25 Communication Solution Here, Hytera Digital Voice Recording System (“DVRS”) is designed to address your problem now-and into the future delivering precise call and data recording, legally accessible recordings, detailed scenario reconstructions, call statistics and backup. Terminal (“SPT”) and Storage Array are optional. It easily integrates with the TETRA network at system level.

The voice recorder is a professional multi-channel voice and data recording system, especially tailored for archiving digital audio data and SDS. Digital audio data from a TETRA network are directly recorded in the TETRA-encoded format of 8 Kbit/s. This ensures the largest possible recording duration without recoding to a more significant bit format. Recorded audio data can be played back with the play function of the voice recorder.

Mobility System

In the DSS, mobility is crucial and since it is almost impossible to install an infrastructure at every location, BRISCOE Technologies is proposing a Mobile Command and Control solution (ICCS mobile) that can either be mounted in a vehicle or carried as a completely portable system. The Mobility System has a provision for multiple connections thereby making it possible to transmit data to and from the Headquarter via a portable V-Sat system or 3G/LTE network.