Portable Dispatch Solution

The Hytera Dispatcher APP makes it possible for supervisors and managers to monitor and control activities straight from the smartphone. This is linked to the ICCS by IP through Wi-Fi or mobile internet. It gives full dispatcher facilities to the smartphone user from anywhere.

  • Monitor Group activities
  • Create Dynamic Groups
  • Receive emergency calls
  • Trace movement of staff/equipment
  • Multilevel user permissions

Officers on Duty

o Instant, seamless and secured communication

o Easy reporting by using pre-coded messaging such as

  • 1) On Duty,
  • 2) Task Finished
  • 3) Need assistance, etc.
  • This will be sent with Time and date stamp to control room

o Messaging for receiving information from HQ

  • Location information
  • Order from superior officer

o Equipped with Body Worn Cameras

  • operations will be documented with Voice and Video.
  • Act as reporting and supervisory tool.
  • Video/Voice and GPS are saved on central servers or individual PC’s


o Unlimited User groups

  • Management
  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • Taskforce

o Positions of officers in respective Areas are displayed on Digital Map.

o Easy Logistics to get officers to scene of reported incident. As each officer is seen on Digital map.

o Smartphone can be used as Tetra radio any location.

Remote areas intervention

Nigeria has several rural areas with little or no communication infrastructure. With the Mobility Solution, it’s possible to do interventions in these areas while monitoring Page 9 of 25 Communication Solution this operation at the Headquarter. The Mobile Command and Control solution will connect field operatives in rural areas to the Head quarter.

o The Mobility solution is a Mobile control room with voice, video and data facilities to manage remote interventions and transmit these live to the control room in the HQ.

o Combine multiple communication resources (Tetra/ DMR/ Analogue/GSM)

The Integrated Command & Control Solution is the Control room, where all information from the different agencies under DSS are combined.


The app PTTconnect from Hytera offers you the opportunity to expand voice and data communication beyond the physical limits of your TETRA system. PTTconnect expands your radio coverage via a gateway by using broadband networks for your communication. The fusion of your existing ACCESSNET®-T IP TETRA radio system with the broadband world offers you a new, almost unlimited possibilities to increase your productivity and efficiency.

  • Unlimited possibilities for your radio coverage by using public 3G and LTE™ networks or even Wi-Fi.
  • Secure communication Both PTTconnect and the gateway to the TETRA radio system are interception-proof.
  • Features with which you are familiar from your TETRA radio system are supported by the app and therefore available on your smartphone, for example:
    1. - Individual calls
      - Group calls
      - Priorities
      - Emergency calls